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Innovation Needed

Posted by Techstyle, Inc. in Innovation on 19. Jan, 2010 | 240 Comments

At the turn of the 20th century, most jewelry that was not made of precious stones was made to mimic the real thing.  In 1920, Coco Chanel did something revolutionary: she started selling jewelry that was intended to match the Chanel clothing line. She pioneered the notion that non-precious jewelry should not replicate real jewels—but [...]

Real Time Design

Posted by Techstyle, Inc. in Design on 19. Jan, 2010 | 141 Comments

Essentially, Screen Gems are an ePaper display with an onboard image sensor embedded into a piece of jewelry. Using jewelry with Screen Gems, the user can sample their real environment in real time to customize colors and patterns on their jewelry piece (rings, bracelets, charms, and earrings).

Personalizable Jewelry

Posted by Techstyle, Inc. in Design, Innovation, Jewelry on 19. Jan, 2010 | 204 Comments

Techstyle Screen Gems is just what the jewelry industry needs: a fully personalizable piece of jewelry that is neither fully a piece of jewelry nor a technology, but a fusion of both fashion and technology that will interest, excite, and attract tech savvy young consumers.

Technologizing Fashion

Posted by Techstyle, Inc. in Jewelry on 18. Jan, 2010 | 224 Comments

Most attempts to insert technology into fashion have been unsuccessful. Inventors have been “fashionizing” technology instead of “technologizing” fashion. The former technology disguised as fashion and the latter as fashion-driven technology. There is very little fashion-driven technology today but there are many example of fashionized technology: the laptop clutch purse, the inflatable dress, and the [...]

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